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Emergency Connectivity Fund Update

June 4, 2021

Over the last few weeks, many have asked about the eligibility of future purchases of chromebooks in regards to schools being back open to in-person learning this Fall.  We’ve attended various webinars regarding the ECF, and have compiled more clarification we’d like to share.

  • Devices must be dedicated to a student to close the “homework gap”. Cannot be dedicated to on-campus use (in a classroom, on a cart).
  • Back and forth to campus okay.  Does the student lack a connection or device to work remotely?
  • Is the current device sufficient for a student to learn remotely? Example: Does it have a camera? Can they have a virtual meeting open and still conduct work on their device? (this would justify replacement/rotation schedule)
  • No minimum number of days learning “virtually”. 
  • Okay to order now for delivery after July 1st.
  • Okay that schools are open to full-time in-person learning this Fall
  • No stand-alone licensing/software.  Whatever is included in cost when ordered okay.
  • Devices must be kept 3 years and asset tracking essential. Documentation kept 10 years.
  • This funding is not guaranteed, nor does it have to be used.  Like Category 2 funds, if you get a funding commitment and then decide not to use it, it can be returned to the program.

We hope this information will help you in deciding whether or not you will be filing for the ECF.