Administrative Window Reminder


Now that we’re on the threshold of December, and before thoughts turn to the holidays, all applicants should review/update their EPC entity profiles.  We expect that the Form 471 application window will open in January, perhaps late in the second week.  Shortly before the Form 471 window opens, USAC will close the administrative window.  That will lock entity profiles for the duration of the application window.


Entity profiles at the start of the administrative window generally reflect information based on  applicants’ FY 2020 applications including PIA modifications.  Changes for FY 2021 might include:

  • Adding or deleting schools, libraries, NIFs, annexes, or consortium members
  • Editing or updating entity names or addresses
  • Updating school enrollment numbers and NSLP eligibility data (and library square-foot areas, if necessary)
  • Charter schools associated with their local school districts wanting to apply using their own Category 2 budgets will need to demonstrate financial and administrative independence.
  • Schools fully or partially closed due to COVID-19 can provide full-time enrollment numbers from the FY 2020 Form 471 applications.  Remember that enrollment numbers may be increased for Category 2 budget purposes in future years of the five-year cycle.
  • Independent schools with part-time students may count those students as full-time for Category 2 budget purposes.
  • District schools showing zero students (e.g., new schools under construction, juvenile justice, swing spaces, etc.) can still be included in Category 2 budget calculations.
  • Conversely, library branches in library systems showing zero square footage will not count in Category 2 budget calculations.